The Best Yogurt for Diabetes: What to Eat and What not to Eat

Best yogurt for diabetes
Best yogurt for diabetes

The best yogurt for diabetes could be a great breakfast option with a bunch of great nutrients and sometimes it could also go as an easy snack. Unsweetened and Greek-style yogurts contain low carbs and high protein intake. This is why diabetics should take this type of yogurt because it will not lead to blood sugar spikes.

According to the research

So, yogurt and other fermented foods have a content of good bacteria called probiotics. The bacteria have shown to manage gut health. Other than that, the best yogurt for diabetes is associated with the content of lower glucose level and insulin resistance. It could also help to lower systolic blood pressure.

What style of yogurt is best?

When it comes to yogurt for diabetics, you may think about Greek, Icelandic, and Australian. In fact, those types are basically diabetes-friendly compared to others. Greek yogurt is strained so the liquid whey and lactose have been removed during the process. Consuming unsweetened Greek yogurt benefit the diabetics while it also gives twice the protein and half carbs compared to other regular yogurts.

The next style is Icelandic yogurt and it is made of cheese. This yogurt is strained much further than Greek yogurt so the texture is thicker and contains more protein intake. Another benefit of this yogurt is that there is no fat content considering the yogurt is made of skim milk. Still, there is an option of whole-milk type on the market.

Australian yogurt, on the other hand, is not strained which makes the texture becomes so thin. It also means that the protein is not as high as the previous yogurts and the carbs are not reduced. It tastes a bit sweet because it uses honey and made of whole milk. However, the option for skim-milk Australian yogurt is also available

Dos and Don’ts

If you want the benefits from probiotics to improve your gut health, yogurt with active and live cultures is the one you need. It is better to get yogurt with a low level of carbs while the protein intake is high. When it comes to flavor, make sure the sugar is not more than 10 grams and limit the carbs for 15 grams per serving.

It is recommended to avoid any yogurt that is packed with toppings inside it. Also, you are not supposed to skip the Nutrition Facts label considering you are looking for the best yogurt for diabetes.

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