Cheap Breakfast in Las Vegas You Can Try

Cheap Breakfast in Las Vegas
Cheap Breakfast in Las Vegas

Cheap Breakfast in Las Vegas – Vegas is not only a destination for those who have an impressive budget. But for those who have a limited budget can also enjoy this sin city with fun. Besides casinos, Las Vegas is also famous for its tasty culinary.

There are quite a lot of restaurants which offer affordable meals that you are able to enjoy, especially for breakfast. For example, Boulder Station Casino. This place is located near Boulder Highway. Boulder Station Casino serves a breakfast menu with a big portion; 3 eggs, meats, French fries, and toasted bread.

You only have to spend under $7 in order to enjoy the menu. Not only tasty breakfast menu, but Boulder Station Casino also has a great service. Moreover, you are able to copy their menu as your cheap healthy meal plan.

Or, you are able to visit Tacos El Gordo. This restaurant also offers cheap breakfast in Las Vegas. Tacos El Gordo is quite famous and considered as one of the best taco restaurants in Las Vegas.

Taco is a Mexican food. It looks like Kebab with meat and cheese as the filling. Tacos El Gordo provides an indoor area and outdoor area that you can choose to enjoy their delicious taco.

You are able to enjoy a portion of taco from Tacos El Gordo with only $2. It is really affordable, isn’t it? Another alternative that you can try is Viva Arepas. Viva Arepas is a Venezuela restaurant.

This restaurant serves various cheap breakfast in Las Vegas at affordable prices. For example, you can have their tasty beef empada with only $2. Similar to Tacos El Gordo, Viva Arepas also provides an indoor and outdoor area where you are able to enjoy your order.

If you want to have pizza for your breakfast, you can go to Secret Pizza. This place is located in the third floor of Cosmopolitan, which is one of the famous hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. Secret Pizza is a restaurant that offers affordable pizza. Moreover, this pizza restaurant is called as one of the best pizza restaurants in the west of Mississipi.

In order to enjoy their tasty pizza, you just need to spend $5. It is cheap, isn’t it? Perhaps you are able to ask their recipe to have pizza as your healthy budget meal plan. Those are the affordable restaurants that you can try to visit in Las Vegas.

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