Vegetables You Can Include in Vegetarian Spaghetti Squash Recipes

vegetarian spaghetti squash recipes
vegetarian spaghetti squash recipes

Some people decide to be a vegetarian because they want to be healthier or just simply being considerate to animals. Being a vegetarian does not mean you can eat only fruit salad or vegetable salad all the time. You are also able to eat tasty foods as well, such as spaghetti. There are many vegetarian spaghetti squash recipes that you can try. If you are planning to make one as your healthy budget meal plan, here are the vegetables that you can include to the recipes.


We usually find zucchini in sushi or salad. But this vegetable is also good to be included in your vegetarian spaghetti squash recipes. Its green color and crunchy texture will make your vegetarian spaghetti looks more attractive and more textured. Moreover, zucchini is also suitable to be combined with any kinds of spaghetti sauces. Choose small zucchini with a light green color. This vegetable is not really watery, tastes fresh, and also does not have many seeds.


The next vegetable that you can include in your vegetarian spaghetti squash recipes is carrots. Just like zucchini, carrots will also make your spaghetti more textured and looks more colorful. If your kids do not like carrots, you are able to thinly slice them. Choose carrots with a bright orange color and smooth surface because this carrot usually has a sweet taste. So, your kids will likely to be willing to consume it. Carrots are also affordable, suitable for you who love to make a cheap healthy meal plan.

Purple Sweet Potatoes

Do you want to add colors to your spaghetti? Besides using carrots and zucchini, you are also able to add purple sweet potatoes to your vegetarian spaghetti recipes in order to add a color to the menu. Not only add a color, purple sweet potatoes will also add a flavor to your spaghetti. It is because this food ingredient has a sweet taste. In order to have sweet and tasty purple sweet potatoes, choose the ones with dark colors because it means that the sweet potatoes are already old. The older the purple sweet potatoes, the sweeter it tastes.


Quite many people do not really like this vegetable, especially kids. In fact, broccoli contains a lot of nutrients which are good for health. So, if you want to make your spaghetti and your other vegetarian meals healthier, do not doubt to add broccoli.

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