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The Documentation Sub-Committee of the European Committee for Homeopathy has been set up to improve communication within the homeopathic community in the field of documentation and libraries.

The first project was to compile a list of homeopathic libraries with details of their type of contents, borrowing procedures etc. This was published as the International Guide on Homeopathic Documentation Resources in 1996.*

The second project was to collect lists of key terms used in indexing, in order to establish a homeopathic controlled thesaurus of key terms. The English version of the thesaurus has now been finished and is published here.

It is hoped the thesaurus will become a standard, and be used widely for indexing by various groups. It has been produced by a small working party of the Documentation Sub-Committee consisting of Arjo Bol from VSM, Netherlands, Mary Gooch from the British Homeopathic Library, Glasgow, Susanne Rehm from Deutsche Homoopathie-Union (DHU), Germany, Caroline Vandeschoor from Homeoden, Belgium and Barbara Windbiel from Heel, Germany. Contributions and opinions have been received from 9 experts to whom we have sent draft copies. We are very grateful for their guidance and expertise. We would particularly like to thank Dave Roberts from the British Library for his help.

The next part of this project is to translate the thesaurus into German and French, and work has already started on this.

We would be interested in any comments on the thesaurus as this is a continuing project.

Further projects are to make a joint list of journal holdings of homeopathic libraries and to make a joint book catalogue with locations for each book.

Mary Gooch - Co-ordinator Documentation Sub-Committee ECH

Jacques Imberechts - Co-ordinator, European Committee for Homoeopathy

* Obtainable from HOMEODEN Bookservice, Kasteellaan 76, 9000 Gent, Belgium

Tel. +32 (9) 225 87 33 Fax. +32 (9) 223 00 76

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