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ANON. Legal status of traditional medicine and complementary / alternative medicine
Geneva: World Health Organization, 2001.
Stock number: 3780.
Class. Number: 614
Abstract: Provides information on the legal status of traditional and complementary/alternative medicine in a 123 countries. Intends to facilitate the development of legal frameworks and the sharing of experiences between countries.

BELLAVITE P, SIGNORINI MD. The emerging science of homeopathy: complexity, biodynamics, and nanopharmacology
Berkeley: North Atlantic Books, 2002.
Stock number: 3839
Class. Number: 615.530015
ISBN: 556433840
Presents an authoritative, up-to-date and comprehensive survey of the existing empirical and theoretical developments in homeopathy. Gives an account of the theoretical implications for homeopathy of the new science of chaos, complexity and information.

BHARATAN V, HUMPHRIES CJ, BARNETT JR. Plant names in homeopathy: an annotated checklist of currently accepted names in common use
London: The Natural History Museum, 2002.
Stock number: 3855
Class. Number: 580
ISBN: 0565091778
Looks at the names used by homeopaths for the plants used in making homeopathic remedies. Finds that at least half the current names used in homeopathy need correcting with respect to the modern botanical code. Presents a standard reference system for homeopathic practitioners reconciling the old codes with the current 'International Botanical Code of Nomenclature' IBCN.

KAYNE SB. Complementary therapies for pharmacists
London: Pharmaceutical Press, 2002.
Stock number: 3766
Class. Number: 615.4.
ISBN: 0853694303
Presents information on CAM specifically for pharmacists. Looks at homeopathy, anthroposophy, medical herbalism, aromatherapy, flower remedy therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, Indian Ayurvedic medicine, naturopathy, diagnostic therapies, manual therapies and mind body therapies. Gives a definition, history and outline of the theory for each therapy.

LESSELL CB. The complementary formulary: a guide for prescribers
Woburn: Butterworth-Heinemann, 2001.
Stock number: 3852.
Class. number: 615.54
ISBN: 0750653892

MCTAGGART L. The field: the quest for the secret force of the universe.
London: Harper Collins, 2001.
Stock number: 3824
Class. Number: 500
ISBN: 0722537646
Abstract: Reviews recent research in the field of quantum physics in a style intended to be comprehensible to the lay audience. Written by the author of 'What doctors don't tell you'.

PETERS D, CHAITOW L, HARRIS G, MORRISON S. Integrating complementary therapies in primary care: a practical guide for health professionals
Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone, 2002.
Stock number: 3781
Class. Number: 615.85
ISBN: 0443063451
Abstract: Aimed at clinicians, this book looks at the increasing use of non-conventional treatment by the public and mainstream practitioners. Discusses: complementary medicine in practice; models and research in CAM; CAM service implementation; and service documentation. Includes blank forms and evaluation forms including MYMOP.

STANDISH LJ, CALABRESES C, GALANTINO ML. AIDS and complementary and alternative medicine: current science and practice
Philadelphia: Churchill Livingstone, 2002.
Stock number: 3765
Class. Number: 616.9
ISBN: 0443058311
Abstract: Look at the history of the HIV epidemic and the response from the CAM community to it. Presents information on the randomised controlled clinical trials of CAM for HIV/AIDS. Examines: research and etiological issues; nutritional medicine; botanical therapies; homeopathy; physical medicine; bioelectromagnetical therapies; physcospiritual therapies; and integrative medical care.

VERMEULEN F. Prisma: the arcanan and parallels between substance and remedy
Haarlem: Emryss, 2002.
Stock number: 3864
Class. Number: 615.1
ISBN: 9076189072

WINSTON J. The heritage of homoeopathic literature: an abbreviated bibliography and commentary
Wellington: Great Auk Publishing, 2001.
Stock number: 3761
Class. Number: 610.3
ISBN: 0473079968
Abstract: Presents a bibliography of English language (mainly American) homeopathic literature. Divides homeopathic literature into groups: the organon; principles; materia medica; repertory; therapeutics; domestic manuals; veterinary manuals; anatomy, pathology and diagnosis; pharmacy; popular books; critical works; history; biography; other books; and journals. Includes an author index and a chronological index.



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