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The British Homeopathic Library is here to support homeopathic education, research and study. The services we offer are:

Literature search: Our full catalogue is available to search free on this site, however, members and non-members can also commission a literature search to be carried out (this would also cover other databases).

Document supply service: To request a photocopy of any of the articles in the library you must be a library member.

Library visits: We welcome day visitors, both members and non-members, who wish to use the library resources for reference. If you want to visit the library or to arrange for a longer period of study please contact us.

Library facilities and layout
Book loans
Journal loans
Audio tape loans
Computerised repertories


Library facilities and layout
Members and Associates of the Faculty of Homeopathy and Affiliate Members of the library are welcome to visit for browsing, borrowing or study purposes without an appointment.

Books are arranged alphabetically by author within large classes, e.g. materia medica, 615.1. Journals are arranged alphabetically by title on the shelves, with the most recent issue of a journal on display on entering the library. Audio tapes are stored on the left on entering the library and also to the left of the main window. One of the computers in the library is for library users. This has Internet access, computerised repertories, Microsoft Office and access to databases on homeopathy and complementary medicine.

Book Loans
Click to see our book catalogue. Members of the library may borrow a maximum of 3 books for up to 6 weeks, in person, by phone or fax, or by email. Books may be renewed by phone if not required by anyone else. If borrowing in person, please sign the loans book and enter the stock number. Most books can be borrowed though some are reference only.

Journal Loans
Click to see a list of journal holdings. We hold most of the English language journals and selected foreign language ones. We also subscribe to some of the key journals in complementary medicine.

Members of the library may borrow a single journal issue for up to 2 weeks, however it is preferred that you make photocopies of articles of interest rather than take the journal away. Requests for photocopies articles can be made by phone, via the website or in person (see Charges). Self-service photocopying is also available.

Audio Tape Loans
Click to see our list of audio tapes available for loan.
Audio tapes may be borrowed by Members and Associates of the Faculty of Homeopathy only. Up to 6 tapes may be borrowed for a maximum of 6 weeks, by phone or fax, email or in person. A charge of £1.50 per tape applies to tapes borrowed by post.

The majority of our audio tapes relate to courses and seminars held by the Academic Departments of Homeopathic Medicine of Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital, however selected tapes are also available by key speakers from other organisations.

Computerised Repertories
One of the library computers has access to the latest versions of all the computerised repertory programs available on the market - RADAR, CARA, Mac-Rep, and HomPath. Visitors to the library are welcome to try the programs out.

The library produces a quarterly bulletin to let members and users know about the latest news, acquisitions and articles. Click on the following links to access a PDF version of the newsletter.


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