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The Hom-Inform service provides information from the homeopathic literature for practitioners, students and researchers.

Literature searches are carried out using the Hom-Inform database, a database dedicated to homeopathic medicine created and maintained by the British Homeopathic Library. The Hom-Inform database contains over 25,000 references to books, journal articles and reports on homeopathy, many dating back to the late 19th and early 20th Century.

The Hom-Inform database is now available completely free-of-charge online from this website, allowing you to save time and money by carrying out searches of the homeopathic literature yourself.

We can also carry out literature searches on your behalf. Search requests on given topics are welcome by telephone, fax, email or via the Search Request Form. In reply to your request, we will supply you with a list of references on your topic of choice and copies of articles if requested.

We can supply copies of specific articles from journals held in the library. Articles can be ordered online from the Hom-Inform database, or by phone, email, fax or letter.

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